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Bunded fuel oil storage tanks

HG Tanks bunded tanksHG Tanks provide a wide range of slimline, vertical and horizontal bunded fuel oil storage tanks.

Ranging in capacities from 500-10,000 litres, these tanks can be used to store and dispense a variety of liquid products such as:
Heating oils, Diesel
5% mixture biofuel (BSEN14214)
Kerosene (BS2869)
Non-potable water
AdBlue™ (AUS32)

Installing a bunded storage tank permits a higher degree of flexibility when it comes to siting a tank on a property, commercial or industrial site. For homeowners, it may also be worthwhile talking to your home insurer as many companies offer discounts when fuel oil is stored in a bunded tank.

Tank features

Available in capacities from 500-10,000 litres
All bunded tanks contain a minimum 110% volume of the inner tank
‘Tank within a tank’ construction offers integral protection from leakage and overfilling
Overfill prevention device
Designed for use as integral unit
Covered bund prevents collection of rainwater
Lockable hinged cover on outer tank or cabinet allows access to standard fittings
Made from recyclable polyethylene
Corrosion resistant
UV stabilised