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Bunded waste oil tanks

HG Tanks bunded tanksComplementing its range of bunded fuel oil storage tanks, HG tanks supplies a range of bunded tanks for the safe storage and disposal of waste oil.

The bunded waste oil tank is manufactured with an integral funnel which allows waste oil to be poured directly into the inner tank while avoiding overspill. The waste oil can then be removed, and disposed of, by an appropriate authority.

Bunded waste oil tanks are suitable for use at a variety of sites including garages, civic amenity sites, landfill sites and harbours.

Ranging in capacities from 500-3500 litres, these tanks can be used to store and dispose of a variety of liquid products such as diesel and 5% mixture biofuel (BSEN14214).

Tank features

Available in capacities from 500-3500 litres
Suitable for garages, civic amenity sites, landfill sites, harbours, etc
Horizontal and vertical models
Ultra compact sizes