economical, ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE and secure storage and treatment solutions

Chemical storage tanks

Chemical/bulk liquid storage tanksRanging in capacity from 500-10,000 litres, chemical/bulk liquid storage tanks are normally supplied to client specification using a variety of fittings and accessories. In some cases, clients prefer to fit their own accessories – this is understood and catered for.
Modern production tools, plant and processes ensure optimal work flow resulting in short product lead times while real time process control ensures consistency of product. All tanks are subjected to rigorous QC procedures ensuring constant high quality output.

Bulk liquid storage tanks are used across a variety of sectors, including:
Agriculture and Farming
Automotive and Aviation
Brewing and Distilling
Chemical and Construction
Contracting and Civil Engineering
Food and Beverage
Fuel storage and dispensing
Glass and Ceramics
Metal Processing/Treatment
Oil and Petrochemical
Paper, Pulp and Board
Plastics, Rubber and Textiles
Utilities, Waste, Water and Wastewater