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Sewage treatment plant

Balmoral HydroClear
Balmoral HydroClear

Raising the benchmark for sewage treatment plant across the EU.

Happily, for everyone, domestic wastewater treatment has come a long way since the days of cess pits and septic tanks.

Rigorous effluent quality legislation has driven the design of more effective systems resulting in today’s modern package treatment plant.

The latest of these drivers takes the shape of European-wide product testing standardisation. Raising the benchmark for domestic sewage treatment plants, BS EN 12566-3 brings harmony across the EU.

Contemporary design engineering and analysis software and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities combine to create this unique product which dominates the domestic market with a class-leading pollutant removal level of 97%.

Market-leading performance, easier installation and competitive through-life costs, enhanced transportability and storage, product reliability and robustness are all qualities that were factored into the HydroClear design brief. Factors that were critical in achieving full CE accreditation.

Key benefits

HydroClear 6pop installation Outstanding pollutant removal level of 97%
24 month service period reduces operating costs
6-50 pop options
Cost effective installation
Virtually silent operation
Odour minimisation
Carries full CE accreditation to BS EN12566-3


Balmoral CAP

Balmoral CAP 6popThe Balmoral CAP is a biological aeration type treatment plant designed to produce a moderate quality of final effluent in addition to overcoming several of the common problems associated with small packaged domestic wastewater treatment units.

Common problems which can occur are:
“Fixed film” types, which have a “media” matrix, can suffer from media blockage because of excessive bacteria growth. Replacement/ maintenance of the media material may be required at regular intervals.

Mechanical/electrical components within the tanks are difficult to maintain and can be a safety risk.

The liquor is not spread evenly over the available bacteria preventing an adequate oxygen supply.

The Balmoral CAP overcomes these problems because:
There is no “fixed” media within the CAP to become blocked - it operates on the “activated sludge” principal whereby the bacteria floats in suspension in the reactor vessel and forms an “active soup” of “mixed liquor”.

All functions within the tank are operated by air power generated by a small compressor contained in the neck of the tank, allowing maintenance to be carried out safely and easily.

The bacteria receives a high quality air supply and is completely mixed and aerated by the high volume fine bubble diffuser.

Key benefits

Impact resistant body moulded in one-piece polyethylene
Wide base for stability and ease of handling and storage
Sturdy lifting eyes for easy handling and installation
Achieves Royal Commission standards for effluent quality under normal domestic conditions
Powered by a small, near silent air compressor
Corrosion resistant
The Balmoral CAP is tested and approved by the Irish Agrément Board (Cert. no. 02/0148)



Balmoral Septic Tank BST38Septic tank

A septic tank is designed to provide what is known as primary treatment to crude wastewater produced in a normal domestic environment. It retains solids and allows them to settle out, where they can be partially broken down by biological action so that only the remaining liquor is left to flow down the outlet drain. This liquor (normally called effluent) is then sufficiently treated to soak into the ground in an underground soakaway system.

Key benefits

Impact resistant body moulded in one-piece polyethylene
Wide base and lifting eyes
Adjustable invert depth
Fully sized, two stage separation treatment chambers
Integral venting pipework
Wide range to suit population requirements
BBA Accredited (Cert. no. 94/3021)