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Rainwater harvesting systems

Rainwater harvesting imageRainwater harvesting systems reduce the demand for mains water provision. Many springs and rivers are naturally fed by groundwater and are important for wetlands and their ecosystems. More than 25% of groundwater sources are at risk because of abstraction pressures.

By gathering and recycling rainwater, these harvesting systems reduce the volume of discharged rainwater and contribute to reduced flood risks. The loading on combined sewer overflows is also lowered resulting in improved river water quality.

HG Tanks offers two kinds of rainwater harvesting tanks for home and garden purposes:

Home-Harvest system
Designed for easy installation and reliable operation, each system provides the highest quality non-potable rainwater for toilet flushing, washing machines, garden irrigation and vehicle washing purposes.

Garden-Harvest system
An easy to install, high performance and economic solution for the keen gardener providing free water, even during hosepipe bans, all year round.

The rainwater tanks are produced in four sizes, ie, 2728, 3800, 4546 and 6000 litres, and are rotationally moulded in tough polyethylene which offers a very high level of impact resistance.

Tank features

High impact strength at low temperatures  
Stress free mouldings provides extra strength
Leak proof, single piece moulding   
Lightweight, easy to handle
Corrosion resistant   
Low maintenance
UV protected