economical, ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE and secure storage and treatment solutions

Steel liquid storage tanks

Chemical/bulk liquid storage tanksRanging in capacities 1000-40,000 litres, the steel tanks are a heavy duty double cylinder design with an all-steel construction for storing diesel and gas oil.

Fully bunded and pressure tested inner tanks; built in accordance with the latest environmental regulations.
Capacities range from 1000 to 40,000 litres
Built with security in mind - heavy duty double cylinder design constructed from steel throughout
Widely used in road haulage, construction, agriculture, general industry and council amenities
Can be supplied with a wide range of dispensing equipment to suit different applications
Available as horizontal or vertical models


Fully Bunded steel oil tanks

Designed to meet and exceed Environment Agency regulations

900-3600 litre capacities
Tank complete with pyramid roof,
Oil flask tanks 4 x 50mm sockets one in each corner with a square inside the tank so that the float type contents gauge can be fitted in any socket
1 x 25mm internal drain valve
1 x 25mm internal outlet valve, valves operated by turning shaft after removing 50mm plugs for access on top of tank.
Captive dipstick for flask and calibrated dipstick for tank.
Tank welded externally only, stiffened internally.
100mm x 50mm channels fully welded to underside of flask to allow air to circulate underneath.


Horizontal Dervpacks

Fully bunded all steel tanks designed to comply to all Environment Agency regulations.

Completely free standing, simply connect up to a power supply and away you go.

Ranging in capacity from 1100-10,000 litres
DervPack fuel oil tanks Tank and bund stiffened internally
50mm x 25mm channel on base of unit to allow air to circulate
Tank vented into flask, then flask vented to atmosphere
Pyramid roof to allow water run off
Float type contents gauge with guide tube so float doesn't wrap round the tank stays
2” BSP fill point with cap
1” steel suction pipework with check valve into pump
Easy access to pump with top or front access
Self priming 50 litre per minute electric pump complete with 4 metre long hose, automatic nozzle and 3 digit flowmeter fitted as standard
Lifting eyes (for lifting when empty only)
Painted in green as standard (other colours on request)

Optional Extras:-
Battery, hand or petrol pump.
Fuel management systems
Watchman Sonic remote reading contents gauge
Tank and bund alarms
Fork lifting pockets
Full roller shutter door units also available and tanks to any size and specification